About Us

Fight Club of Rochester is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Rochester, New York.  At this time, our main objective is to raise money for local organizations that help people living with cancer and/or support cancer research.  Our beneficiaries have included:

13Thirty Cancer Connect (previously Teens Living with Cancer)
CURE Childhood Cancer
Gilda’s Club of Rochester
Pluta Cancer Center
American Cancer Society

We are currently looking for ways to help people who are suffering due to cancer treatment. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us! Some small ways we are making a difference include:
– December 2015, we started a program called “Christmas Angels” in which we pick families to sponsor for Christmas. We organize volunteers and friends to donate gifts for each member of our selected families. The fact is, cancer is expensive, but at FCR, we never want to see children not have the best Christmas ever. We love working with local organizations to obtain our families and we are ever so grateful to them.
– Summer 2018, Jacob Hershey, a Fight Club of Rochester volunteer, began working to take care of the yards and gardens of select individuals, as cancer sometimes limits us physically. These individuals were provided to us by the Wilmot Cancer Institute. One individual described Jacob as a blessing. We at FCR completely agree!